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Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Microsoft Technical Support Phone Number

Windows 10 stuck on Diagnosing your PC or Preparing Automatic Repair screen

As per Microsoft technical support phone number Windows 10 carries numerous features which allow it to maximizing its performance on a given computer. Once an error is encountered from the working system, it's capabilities to give proper resources to the user to have the issue fixed or just fix it . Sometimes, the user isn't notified and an problem is dodged or repaired in the background. 1 such attribute is the Diagnosis of the Automatic Repair attribute which begins when the PC is booting. At such times you will see a message Diagnosing your PC or Preparing Automatic Repair. This attribute has been
Microsoft Technical Support Phone Number
demonstrated to be effective, but a few users are reporting the fixing procedure gets stuck.
Windows 10 stuck on Diagnosing your PC
1] Run System File Checker and DISM
Run CMD as Administrator and then execute the following command to run System File Checker:
Before you begin working on the repairs, execute Hard Boot. Power down the PC, remove the battery and AC adapter. Reconnect them then press and hold the power button for 20 seconds and see if it will boot up normally. If it does not help, then microsoft helpline number is always there to help you in any situation.
Then you will have to power down your pc and boot Windows 10 in Safe Mode. After that you can carry out these repairs get Windows 10 out of this stuck Diagnosing your PC or even Preparing Automatic Repair display.
Run System File Checker & DISM.
Utilize Setup media to boot up and repair your system.
Restart your system after the scan is completed.
Microsoft Technical Support Phone Number
Now, in order to fix a corrupted Windows System Image using DISM,  open Command Prompt (Admin) and enter the following three commands sequentially and one by one and hit Enter:
Let these DISM commands run and once done, restart your computer and see.
Run Command Prompt as Administrator and execute the following command to run chkdsk and then hit Enter. 
It will either start checking for errors and fixing them or ask for a system restart. Hit Y for scheduling the Disk Checker the next time the system restarts.
3] Disable Automatic Repair
When you have a system drive related issue, the Automatic Startup Repair window opens up automatically during boot. If you think you are in such a situation, you can disable automatic Startup Repair. In Safe Mode, you need to open Command Prompt and execute the following command:
Microsoft Technical Support Phone Number
4] Use Installation media to boot and repair your system
Microsoft customer care phone number resolves your issues You may use the Windows Installation bootable media to boot up and repair your system .
Produce an Installation media of the same version of OS installed to the pc.
When you reach Install Windows screen, click Fix your computer connection.
Shutdown after the repair is complete.
Next, switch your PC to see whether Windows can boot properly.
If it does not, then there are more suggestions here that You Might Want to take a look at:
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